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My name is Alausa Abdullah Opeyemi, a student of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, a participant of Helix Biogen Consult Bioinformatics training. Before the program, I knew nothing about it, but after the training, I was able to analyze some data with the skill. Helix Biogen Consult founder (Dr. Oladipo Kolawole) was acclaimed to be a man of high esteem before I met him, and I am proud I did, he treated me well, and I hold him in high regards. I am very grateful for this great privilege.

Alausa Abdullah Opeyemi

I am Adebayo Iyanuoluwa Oluwadunsin, a student of the Physiology Department at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Physiology Department. I attended the Basic Bioinformatics training and Clinical Bioinformatics Seminar at Helix Biogen Consult. My academic mentor recommended the training, at which time I could define and explain shortly what bioinformatics is. After the course, I had an overview of what bioinformatics is, and I can complete tasks like an alignment of sequences, phylogeny tree construction, and protein structure prediction, which ignites a spark in me that propels me towards the field of molecular/personalized medicine.

Adebayo Iyanuoluwa Oluwadunsin

a Biochemistry student at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. Preceding the program, I lacked experience in Bioinformatics, but after attending the program, I had exposure to essential bioinformatics skills. I used it for the phylogenetic analysis of the newly discovered COVID-19, where I traced its evolution to its ancestor(bat-like SARS). My experience with Helix Biogen Consult has also motivated me to learn new things like molecular docking, ADMET, and now molecular dynamics. I would not have thought of this if not for Helix Biogen Consult. I am grateful to Helix.

Oyedele Qudus

I am a student of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, a 400L student from the Department of Physiology. The program which I attended at Helix Biogen Consult was Clinical Bioinformatics. This program broadened my knowledge of science and especially on Bioinformatics. I don't know how to thank Helix for a job well done because such training that was for free would cost thousands in some places. Helix Biogen Consult just did theirs for free; this is an opportunity in a lifetime for me. I give thanks to God Almighty for being part of such a great opportunity. Thank you, Helix Biogen Consult, for this and also want to appreciate my friend that invited me for this life-changing program, it is undoubtedly an investment. Also, I commend and applaud Helix for imparting the society. Thank you, Helix Biogen Consult, I am grateful.

Akinwande Rachel

It all started 2019 when my advisor came and introduced us to Bioinformatics, and this made me take a step and enroll for the training. Also, I browsed and read more on Bioinformatics, and realized it was broad; this made me develop an interest in Bioinformatics. I had the privilege to attend the free clinical Bioinformatics seminar organized by Helix Biogen consult. I was inspired by the digital marketing program organized by Helix Biogen Consult, and I learnt the tips on how to grow my business through digital marketing because I am a makeup artist. Thank you Helix crew for a job well done.

Aremu Victoria Oyetayo

The Clinical Bioinformatics seminar is the very first programme I have attended on Bioinformatics. As the speaker began to explain the concepts involved, I became much more enlightened and greatly desired to learn more about Bioinformatics and its various applications. Helix Biogen Consult is indeed a great place to learn, right from the teaching approach employed, to the warm ambience and easy to understand materials. In addition, Bioinformatics seminars due to the nature of Bioinformatics and the logistics involved in organizing a seminar on it are quite expensive but not only was this seminar free, but certificates were also issued! Many thanks to Helix for this very rare opportunity, I am forever grateful. Soar higher!

Esther Adeshina

I attended the Basic Bioinformatics Training and Clinical Bioinformatics seminar at Helix Biogen Consult. My academic mentor recommended the training. Prior to this, I could only define and explain shortly what Bioinformatics is. This program enabled me to do a lot of analysis like Phylogenetic analysis and the structural analysis of COVID-19 and more.

Adeyemi Rofiat Oluwabusola

I am Adebayo Emmanuel Tayo, a student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Physiology Department. Attending training on Basic Bioinformatics at Helix Biogen Consult has been a blessing in disguise. I have learnt some crucial skills in genomics and Bioinformatics, which I will surely need in the nearest future. I am excited about how the Consult organizes their training. And lastly, I realized that acquiring Bioinformatics skills can be the shortest route for an individual to change the world. I love HELIX!

Adebayo Emmanuel Tayo