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Current Trainings

Helix Biogen Institute (known as Helix Biogen Consult)
A Beginner’s Guide to Basic Bioinformatics provides an introductory guide to the field of bioinformatics, with a major focus on important bioinformatics tools and resources. The course combines theoretical and few practice sessions to allow participants to gain practical experience in using some bioinformatics tools and resources.
Course Content
*Application of Bioinformatics to Life Sciences
*Introduction to Biological Databases and Resources (NCBI, EBI)
*Introduction to Searching and Sequence Alignment
*Introduction to Pairwise Sequence Alignment
*Introduction to BLAST Algorithm
*Introduction to Applications of Multiple Sequence Alignment
*Introduction to Phylogenetic Analysis
*Introduction to Transcriptomics

Note: The training is free but if you need a certificate of participation for it, you will be expected to pay a token of  #2,500 or 5USD.